I am a postdoc researcher at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Southern Denmark and member of the Focus group.

I did my PhD under the supervision of prof. Maurizio Gabbrielli and prof. Fabrizio Montesi. I graduated in 2016 with the thesis Real-World Choreographies on how to implement correct real-world distributed systems following the choreographic programming paradigm.

My current research interests regard Choreography Programming, Microservices, Service-Oriented Computing, Session Types, and Dynamic Adaptability.


Some fields I am also interested in are (randomly ordered):

  • distributed and cloud systems;
  • web technologies;
  • game theory;
  • wireless networks;
  • functional programming;
  • any-sort-of life-hacking and DIY projects.

I also love cooking, reading (books and comics), and playing - I can make almost-meaningful noises playing the piano and the drum.